Premium Calculation

Terms of cover:
Insuring Value
Cubic Capacity / Permitted Gross Vehicle Weight:
No Claim Discount:
Discount (-)

Basic Premium
Net Premium + 3%MIB Levy
Total Payable

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Short Period Rates

The following scale of rates apply to policy issued or renewed for less than one year and shall also be used in calculating return premium on policy cancelled at the request of the Insured and not replaced with in a period of one year from date of cancellation, subject to the minimum (HK$1,300 after client's discount) charged by Insurers.

  Period % of Annual Premium
 (Not exceeding) 1 month 20%
2 months 30%
3 months 40%
4 months 50%
5 months 60%
6 months 70%
7 months 80%
 (Exceeding) 8 months or above Full Annual Premium

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