Change of Vehicle Registration Mark

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To update your vehicle registration mark, please complete the following information:

(Note: For changes in car models, please contact us at 2810 7138. This form is for changes in registration mark only.)

Policy No.:**
Previous Vehicle Registration Mark:**
HK Identity Card Number or Limited Company Certificate of Incorporation Number:** First 4 digits (Ex: HKID: K949 or CI: 1299)
Mobile No.:**
Email Address:**
New Vehicle Registration Mark: **
Upload your new vehicle registration document: **
Please noted that it is not completed. Please submit the following document:
  1. The official policy under the previous registration mark. (By post or in person)
  2. Pay a handling fee of HK$400.
I/We understand that we still have to submit above documents in order to update the license plate on the policy. And this update will not include changes in car model.
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