Windscreen Claim

Windscreen Free Coverage/ Limit/ Claim Procedure Summary

(For Comprehensive Cover only)

Dah Sing QBE Zurich
Coverage Windscreen/ Sunroof Windscreen Windscreen
Limit per accident HK$5,000 HK$5,000 HK$4,000
Excess Nil Nil Nil
No Claim Discount Not affected Not affected Not affected
Free Choice Repairing Workshop
Appointed Repairing Workshop*
Mobile Apps Submission
"Zurich HK"

Claim Documents

Claim Form
Windscreen Claim Form

Windscreen Claim Form

Windscreen Claim Form
Photos before and after repairing
Repairer Official Receipt

*Appointed Repairing Workshop

Dah Sing QBE Zurich
Glorious Motors Services Ltd
Hip On Auto Glass Co Ltd
Japan Automobile Glass Co Ltd
The World Automobile Glass
Xinyi Automatomobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Ltd
Yau Bong Car Glass Co Ltd

The above information is for reference only and details must refer to the respective policy document.