Change of Address

It's quick and easy!

To update your policy address, please complete the following information:

Policy No.:**
Vehicle Registration Mark:**
HK Identity Card Number or Limited Company Certificate of Incorporation Number:i.e. First 4 digits (Ex: HKID: K949 or CI: 1299)**
Mobile No.:**
Email Address:**

New Correspondence Address

Note: All future correspondence, such as renew notice, claims letter, will be send to this updated address.
Upload your new address proof:**
  1. Your proof of address should be within the last 3 months.
  2. The name on the address proof must match the name on your policy; otherwise it cannot be processed.
  3. If you do not receive our policy endorsement within 1 month, please contact us at 2810 7138.
Fields marked with an asterisk (**) are required to be completed.